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How Much Whey Protein Should I Take? Plus, Tips for Poor Appetite

See also Whey Protein Processing, Terms and Definitions:  Countering the Misconceptions About Whey Protein Including  ‘Raw’  Whey  to learn about how whey is made and the many terms used regarding whey protein.

This is a very long talk covering many aspects of whey protein consumption, including the misconception that whey is something other than a food, the supposed dangers of whey over-consumption, the anabolic “window of opportunity,” and much more.



What is Nutrient Density? Video Presentation

For more on nutrition visit the GUS nutrition channel. This video provides an explanation of the concept of nutrient density, with examples and significance.

Red Flags of Nutrition Junk Science

Nutrition for Health and Health Care has a list of junk science red flags attributed The Food and Nutrition Science Alliance (FANSA).  I like this list so much I decided to make a blog post to do nothing more than list them,  and I am not the first one to do so.  They very well sum up how to be on guard against junk science in the nutrition world and,  of course, junk science in the health industry and in the broader sense.  Remember that a “red flag” does not automatically mean that something is amiss,  it means that you should have your hackles raised a bit because you’ve encountered a warning sign.  Now, the more red flags you see in one piece of information,  the more you can be assured that it is junk. I will expand on some of them…

Read the full article at GUS

Pallof Press Video Demonstration, Core Anti-Rotation Exercise

The Pallof press is a core training exercise that helps develop the “anti-rotation.” The means that it is helps the trunk prevent rotation: the main function of the core musculature.

Find out more at GUS

Arm, Elbow and Thumb Pain from Brachialis Muscle Trigger Points

The brachialis muscle is located on the front part of the upper arm, nearest the elbow.  Along with the biceps brachii and the brachioradialis,


it is one of the primary flexors of the elbow.  It gets its name from the Greek words brachialis and brachion,  pertaining to the (upper) arm.  It is important not to confuse these words with the Greek brachy which means “short.” Although not as large as the biceps brachii,  the brachialis is a relatively large and wide muscle and these two muscles,  along with the coracobrachialis, make up the anterior (front) compartment of the upper arm.  Unlike the biceps brachii, which attaches to the radius,  the brachialis attaches to the ulna, making it suited for flexion of the elbow only,  since it can only pull on the ulna and the ulna does not rotate.  However,  it provides strong elbow flexion in both supination and pronation.  Read on…

Brachialis Muscle: Locations, Actions, and Trigger Points – Ground Up Strength.

Jaw, Neck, Head, and Teeth Pain from Digastric Muscle Trigger Points: Referred Pain Patterns

The digastric is a double muscle of the throat which is located under the chin, behind and below the corner of the jaw, immediately in front of the top of the sternocleidomastoid, one for each side of the jaw and neck. It gets its name from the Greek word for “two bellies”. The Greek word dia means double and gaster means belly hence digastric meaning “two-bellied”. The digastric is made up of an anterior and posterior belly. The anterior belly extends from the digastric fossa of the mandible and the posterior belly extends from the mastoid notch of the temporal bone. Both bellies then insert to the body of the hyoid bone via a fibrous loop over a common intermediate tendon between the two bellies.


Continue Reading:  Digastric Muscle: Location, Actions and Trigger Points

Biofeedback for Strength Training? What Biofeedback is and Isn’t

Biofeedback has become one of those overused and misappropriated terms in strength training. People who are “using” it in these ways seem to think that biofeedback is a sort of magical thing whereby your body gives you ‘feedback’ about internal processes and you can immediately act on this report in order to make better choices. Think of it as a memo your body sends out.




Continue Reading Full Article: Biofeedback: A Misapplied and Misunderstood Term in Strength Training – Ground Up Strength.

Cat Stretch Spinal Mobilization Exercise

The cat stretch is also called the “cat camel” but this is a misnomer. See the full explanation at GUS for more discussion and the exercise tutorial. Use this as part of a standard mobility routine for strength training or fitness.

Warrior Lunge Stretch Video Demonstration

The Warrior Lunge, which has been adopted into strength and fitness mobility exercise routines, is derived from yoga poses called Virabhadrasana.  It is a deep lunge with a stretch at the bottom that uses an overhead reach. Visit GUS for the full description.




Biceps Brachii: Location, Actions, and Trigger Points

The biceps brachii is a two-headed muscle located on the front of the arm, and makes up the largest part of its bulk. The name biceps is derived from the Greek word bi, meaning “two” and the Latin caput, meaning “head.” The name brachii is a form of the Latin and Greek words brachialis and brachion, which describe something that pertains to the arm. Thus, biceps brachii means “two headed muscle of the arm.” These two heads, one shorter than the other, arise from two separate origins which, although they partially combine into one large muscle, retain somewhat their separate features, both inserting together at the elbow.

Various daily lifting activities can overload the biceps brachii muscle, leading to trigger points. These include lifting heavy objects with the palm up, and weight lifting or other exercises that utilize the biceps, Repeated supination under load, such as turning a screwdriver, can also aggravate the muscle. Violin playing may cause a strain, due to the biceps of the arm supporting the instrument needed to be continuously contracted, usually the left. The biceps can also be overloaded during hard tennis serves or throwing activities. Over-exertion from shoveling snow may also aggravate the muscle…





Read the entire article:

Biceps Brachii: Location, Actions, and Trigger Points – Ground Up Strength

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