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How to Integrate Single Rep Training

by on February 13, 2009
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If you are suffering from either of these two afflictions then read the new article by myself and Joseph Weir:

The Single Scene

1. The Goldilocks Syndrome:

This affliction causes the trainee to endlessly search for the a magical sweet-spot between volume and intensity. He obssesively pours over every study and publication he can find searching for the combintation of sets and reps that will align with any goal he might come up with. For the guru this is how you come up with the revolutionary “new” method that will set the strength training world on fire.

Goldilock says, “This workout is tooooo soft. This workout is tooooo hard. Mmmmm….this workout is just right.”

2. The Caveman Syndrome

Caveman says, “Just go lift heavy stuff. Grunt. Where’s my dart?”

No other explanation is needed for that one.

I think we can wiggle our noodle with a little more style and come up with something that is based on principles rather than rules….

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