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How strong can you be if….

by on March 31, 2009
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General Strength Training: How strong can you be if…..

You’ve never actually done dedicated strength training? Too much info is being given out by people who are making a career out of middle of the road training. If you’ve never done anything past a 5×5 or 4×6 rep range in your training and you’ve been doing the same old cookie-cutter crap for years then you really don’t know nothing about strength yet.

The 5×5 fiasco has to stop. And people who want to act like you can dedicate your lift to a handful of exercises and one training method can’t have their cake and eat it to.

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  1. Joseph Weir permalink

    My sentiments exactly.

    Seriously, how much intensity do you think you’re getting with 5 reps? Even for a single set of 5, you’re leaving a TON of intensity on the table. Really that should be the only argument needed to show that it is NOT true strength training.

  2. Well there is certainly something to be said for not just getting the reps in when greater intensity could be had at a given volume via appropriate rest.

    But I wouldn’t go so far as to make a blanket statement that “5 reps is not strength training”. It’s blanket statements that lead to these problems in the first place.

    It all relative to the individual, their training state and their training environment at the time.

    If we were talking about 8 to 10 reps then 5 reps would seem more in the ballpark..right? Hey, lets admit that a novice is going to “generally adapt” resistance training but then claim that they are somehow better off doing 3×5 as opposed to doing 3×8-12 and using different modes of progression depending on individual tolerances. In the long run starting with 3 to 12 as opposed to 5 reps or 6 reps or anything else won’t make a whole hell of a lot of difference..except to perhaps throw many trainees under the bus…

    We should dicuss this in the forum, though!

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