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Giving Legs to Restless Leg

by on February 13, 2010

By Woloshin S, Schwartz LM

[Restless legs syndrome] is quite a serious sleep disorder that affects a lot of people….Their sleep is disturbed and, unless they are really awake, they will not be aware of it” .

Life can be hard.  Sometimes you feel sad or distracted or anxious.  Or maybe you feel a compelling urge to move your legs. But does that mean you are sick?  Does it mean you need medication?

Maybe,  maybe not.  For some people,  symptoms are severe enough to be disabling.  But for many others with milder problems,  these “symptoms” are just the transient experiences of everyday life. Helping sick people get treatment is a good thing.  Convincing healthy people that they are sick is not.  Sick people stand to benefit from treatment,  but healthy people may only get hurt:  they get labeled “sick,”  may become anxious about their condition,  and,  if they are treated,  may experience side effects that overwhelm any potential benefit.  Read on…

Giving Legs to Restless Leg.

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  1. Muscle System permalink

    Are there other versions of this available that I’m able to purchase?

    • As opposed to clicking a link and reading it for free? Would that give it more value? You can send the authors some money. I’ll get their emails for you.

      Oh, spam…

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