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by on June 21, 2010

Subscribers will receive THREE free pdf books. One containing three articles from  GUS (for portable convenience):  Strength Training with Single,  Double,  and Triple Progression,  The Singles Scene,  and Strength Consolidation plus nine pages of bonus material designed to help break out of the bodybuilding/fitness mentality and get you started developing maximal strength.

The second is over 30 pages concerning the overhead squat and related issues with information on motor learning schema, perceptual schema and more including some critical appraisal of the so called “overhead squat test” a.ka. deep squat test.

strength training versus bodybuilding book cover

The third,  Strength Training and Bodybuilding: How Different are They?,  explores the idea that strength training and hypertrophy are “the same” and how strength training has been sold to a bodybuilding audience using ideas that are more propaganda than physical fact.  The book explains many crucial strength training concepts and theories such as the force velocity relationship, the explosive strength deficit,  median intensity,  neural components of strength development and more.

More than just a “news” update with links to new posts and articles (although it has that) the Ground Up Strength Newsletter is an actual letter. We take pains to deliver exclusive content,  tips,  and more with each new letter.  Plus of course free original eBooks which now total three and altogether provide around 100 PDF pages of free strength training information!

Subscribe here to get your THREE free eBooks!

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