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Biceps Brachii: Location, Actions, and Trigger Points

by on January 10, 2013

The biceps brachii is a two-headed muscle located on the front of the arm, and makes up the largest part of its bulk. The name biceps is derived from the Greek word bi, meaning “two” and the Latin caput, meaning “head.” The name brachii is a form of the Latin and Greek words brachialis and brachion, which describe something that pertains to the arm. Thus, biceps brachii means “two headed muscle of the arm.” These two heads, one shorter than the other, arise from two separate origins which, although they partially combine into one large muscle, retain somewhat their separate features, both inserting together at the elbow.

Various daily lifting activities can overload the biceps brachii muscle, leading to trigger points. These include lifting heavy objects with the palm up, and weight lifting or other exercises that utilize the biceps, Repeated supination under load, such as turning a screwdriver, can also aggravate the muscle. Violin playing may cause a strain, due to the biceps of the arm supporting the instrument needed to be continuously contracted, usually the left. The biceps can also be overloaded during hard tennis serves or throwing activities. Over-exertion from shoveling snow may also aggravate the muscle…





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