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Red Flags of Nutrition Junk Science

by on January 18, 2013

Nutrition for Health and Health Care has a list of junk science red flags attributed The Food and Nutrition Science Alliance (FANSA).  I like this list so much I decided to make a blog post to do nothing more than list them,  and I am not the first one to do so.  They very well sum up how to be on guard against junk science in the nutrition world and,  of course, junk science in the health industry and in the broader sense.  Remember that a “red flag” does not automatically mean that something is amiss,  it means that you should have your hackles raised a bit because you’ve encountered a warning sign.  Now, the more red flags you see in one piece of information,  the more you can be assured that it is junk. I will expand on some of them…

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