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Copyright Policy

This is a share and share alike blog, but that only applies to original content. You have my permission to repost anything you find here written by me (Eric Troy) as long as you do not use it in any commercial sense or change the content in any way. All text and links should be included as is and any deviation from this will be considered a violation of copyright laws. I also request a clear and active link to Ground Up Strength:

So this is a no-derivative works attribution thing and I want to explain what I mean by that and why that is.

There is a conflict, in my view, between wanting attribution when people use your work and people deriving other work based on your work.  See,  I want simple credit for the work I do and a link to my site(s).  So that includes when you USE my work as a basis for a derived work. Problem is it is very difficult for you to differentiate and be clear about what part of the work is mine and what part of it is yours.  And I don’t want to be seen as endorsing someone’s work whom I’ve never met!

However, none of this is set in stone, so if you can be clear on who said what…I’m good.

If you do use something on your site, etc…it needs to be published under the same license.  It is way uncool to publish something from a CC license and then try to “copyright” it! Feel free to contact me if you are unsure about any of this.

What do I consider commercial use? It is VERY simple. You can’t outright charge people for my work. That would include posting it on a paid membership site since you would then be charging people to see it.  I do not consider any other ways you make money indirectly by including my articles, etc.  to be commerical as long as my name does not appear alongside ads to pornographic,  racist, or any material promoting violence and hatred.  I don’t know why anyone would consider my material a fit with that kind of site but I thought I’d make that clear, nonetheless.

The reason I am making this so specific is because there is a loop hole in a an open access license that allows commercial use.

Here is a typical description of a license that allows commercial use, as taken from BioMed Central:

  • the original author must be given credit;
  • for any reuse or distribution, it must be made clear to others what the license terms of this work are;
  • any of these conditions can be waived if the authors gives permission.

If someone were to take a work published under this license, and use on a paid membership site, then, essentially they have published it under a different license since open access means FREE and open access. Yet, the license states, that they are both allowed to use it for commercial work but have to make the license terms are. I don’t know about you, but if I paid money to see an article, and then found out that this article was published under an open access license…I’d be just a tad irritated.

And there are a number of sites that do just that. It’s dishonest to say the least. So this is why I do not want anyone to charge for my work in any direct way, including pay for membership sites or any other inclusion where the end user is required to pay for access to the work. However, any other indirect way you can make money from it, as long as the reasonable conditions I mentioned above are met, go for it. Just please give me credit and an active link to my site as spelled out above.  That way, we both benefit.

Works by other authors on this blog are used with permission and are subject to separate copyright, pertaining to the author’s wishes. Do not use these materials without the express permission of the original author. For further information please click on the icon below.  I want everyone to be able to share, but share fairly. For further info click on the icon below.

The best way to contact me is through my site

You can email eric or erictroy at groundupstrength. com or

With all that said, the following license applies to any original work, by myself (Eric Troy) found on this blog:

Creative Commons License
Ground Up Strength Article by Eric Troy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at


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